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Club Sirena is a community of socially engaged individuals committed to enhancing the lives of other people. Centered on the concept of sustainability benefiting both the natural environment and human beings, we have created a product that is socially sustainable at each step of the supply chain.

Fair wages, human connections, and giving access to small communities in the international marketplace are three of our core values. Founded by Denni Elias and Ruy Sanchez, two Mexican entrepreneurs working internationally in the fashion industry, Club Sirena believes that “slow fashion” is an ever-growing luxury and that hand-made products should play a significant role in contemporary culture.

Club Sirena t-shirts are simple and wearable. They’re also deeply artistic, telling a specific global story as each artisan personally engages with the product by embroidering the illustrations by hand.

Each and every Club Sirena piece is 100% unique.

Club Sirena works with female artisans in disadvantaged communities in Mexico, such as Tulancingo and Temoaya. Empowering women through work with fair wages results in higher levels of education, better nutrition, and greater decision-making power.

Club Sirena artisans are highly skilled. Every t-shirt is a new and exciting aesthetic challenge.

Our t-shirts are manufactured by Latino workers in Los Angeles. On our initial visits to the manufacturing facility, we quickly perceived the close-knit, interconnected nature of the community. We’re extremely proud to work with people who similarly believe in providing a high standard of quality.

Together with Rachel Levit, a Mexican artist, we decided to create a collection with illustrations that express Mexico’s unique, idiosyncratic, and truly special character.